Add Checklists

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A checklist is an itemized list of tasks that are routinely completed. This feature is helpful for staff members or teams to stay organized and on track.


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Workflow/Productivity > Checklists.



The Checklist Management page will be displayed.



You have two options when adding checklists, Team/Shared Lists and Personal lists.  Select “Add a Team Checklist”, which other team members (users) can access, or “Add a User Checklist”, which only you can see and use. Click the corresponding "Add" button for the list you are wanting to add to. A blank field will appear at the top of the list below. Enter the name of your new checklist. Click the corresponding button when you are finished and a confirmation message will pop-up. Your Checklist has been created.
To create items in a Checklist, select the view list icon   button beside the checklist you want to add to. A new page will appear displaying all the current items within that checklist.



Click the “Add New” button to create a blank field in the list below. Type in the checklist item name, then select the corresponding save icon  beside the field. A confirmation message will appear. Repeat these steps for each item you would like to add to the checklist. You can add as many items as you would like. They are automatically organized by alphabetical order.


If you would like to make changes to any of the items in the list while you're adding items, you can make as many changes throughout the list as needed, then click the “Save All Changes” to save the changes you've made.