Argenta allows you to track all your business expenses in one place and designate them to the appropriate account in your Chart of Accounts. Expenses can be your phone bill, office supplies, or any other costs incurred as part of running your organization. 
To get started, choose General Financials > Business Expenses - from the Main Argenta Menu on the left side of the screen.
This screen will display a list of all your Business Expenses. To add a new business expense, click the "Add New" button above the list.
This brings up the Add A New Business Expense window.  
Here you'll enter the expense details.

1.    Add This Expense to General Financials - If this transaction needs to hit your General Journal as an expense, then place a check in the checkbox to add this expense as an individual transaction. Proceed to fill out the associated Fund, Deposit/Checking Account and Account for the transaction. Here are the steps:
  • Fund - Argenta uses nonprofit, fund accounting.  Here you can choose which fund it will be added to.
  • Deposit/Checking Account - Next, select a deposit or checking account. This is the account that your funds will be debited from.
  • Account - Argenta is a double entry system, so next you must select an account from your chart of accounts to credit the expense. This is a required field.

2.   Date of Purchase - This is the date you purchased the item(s). You can manually enter a date or use the date selector. This is a required field.

3.   Is Expense Approved - Yes or No.

4.   Expense Category - Choose the appropriate expense category for the item by selecting it from the drop-down list. If a category is not listed, you may select the "Add New" button to add a new one.

5.   Expense Description - Type in an appropriate description for the item(s). 

6.   Constituent Payee - The Constituent Payee is the person receiving payment for this expense. Constituent Payees can be any constituent in your Argenta System. Anyone can be a payee. This is a required field.
7.   Constituent Payer -  The Constituent Payer is the person who made payment for this expense. This must be one of your team members. Team members include board members, staff members, Argenta users or volunteers designated as acting team members.
8.    Is Reimbursement Needed? - Yes or No.
9.   Total Cost of All Items - Type in the total cost of the expense item(s). This is a required field.
10. Payment Type - Select how the purchase was paid for by using the drop-down list and selecting the type.
11. Check/PO/Reference Number - Enter a check number or PO for the purchase if applicable.
12. Is This Expense Recurring? -  Yes or No.
13. Recurring Frequency - Options are Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or Annually.
14. Auto Input Recurring Expense? - If the expense is recurring and you want the expense automatically input you will select yes.
15. Department/Chapter - If this expense belongs to a specific department or chapter please select the appropriate one from the drop-down list.
16. Related Campaign - If the expense is related to a campaign select the campaign by using the drop-down list.
17. Related Event - If the expense is related to an event select the event by using the drop-down list.
18. Related Grant - If the expense is related to a grant select the grant by using the drop-down list.
19. Related Project -  If the expense is related to a project select the project by using the drop-down list.
20. Receipt File - You may attach the receipt for approval by using the "Browse" button and searching for and selecting the scanned copy of the receipt.
When you've finished adding all the necessary items to the expense, click the "Add This Expense" button at the bottom of the screen. This will add the expense to both the Business Expense List, and to the appropriate accounts in your Chart of Accounts (if selected).