Add Bulk Engagements

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For your convenience, Argenta allows engagements to be added in bulk for Clients, Donors, Leads, Members, Partners and Volunteers.



To Add Engagements For Selected Constituents in a List


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen choose any of these from the “Constituents (CRM)” menu option.


After filtering by the criteria you choose, check the constituents you want to add an engagement for.


In the “action” drop down list choose the option "Add Engagement for Selected Records" and click “Run Bulk Action.”


In the popup window choose the Engagement Type and Engagement Date. The Record Type will already be selected based on the page the action was initiated from and cannot be changed. All fields are required.


Click “Mark All With This Engagement.” An engagement will be added for each constituent in the corresponding list.