Add Board Members

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A Board Member is an individual who is part of an organization’s governing body. Board members are first created as constituents in Argenta and then assigned as board members.

To add a new board member, choose Constituents (CRM) > Board Members from the main menu on the left side of the screen.



This will direct you to the active board member list. Click the “Add New” button.



This will direct you to the Add A New Board Member screen. 



To avoid duplicates in your database choose the lookup next to Constituent ID filed to search the database for the individual that you are wanting to create as a new board member. Type in the name or partial name to search for the individual, you can hit enter to search or select "Select From List."  (eg: Jane Doe or Jane)

If your person is not in the database you can choose "Add New" to enter them in.  See KB article Add Constituents.
If your person is in the database as a Constituent you will select this individual by selecting the pink checkbox behind their name .  You must fill out a Status and a Term Start Date. Other information, files or notes may be added as needed. To finish adding this Constituent as a Board Member click the "Add Board Member" button on the bottom and this will save your board member and take you back to your Board Member list.