Argenta allows you to track and keep a record of all the awards and recognitions your organization gives out.
To track your awards and recognitions, select Constituents  > Awards and Recognitions from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will take you to the Awards and Recognitions list your organization has given out.  Click the "Add New" button above the list.
 This will open the Add A New Award/Recognition window. 
  • Category. Use this drop down list to select a category for your Award/Recognition. If the category you'd like to use isn't listed you can use the "Add New" button to add a category of your choosing. This is not a required field. If you don't have a category for your Award/Recognition then leave the default of Unknown/Other or NA. 
  • Award/Recognition Title. Next, you will type a name for the Award/Recognition. This is a required field. 
  • Description. Lastly, you can enter a description for your Award/Recognition. This allows you to type in whatever information you need to know about this award. This is not a required field.
Once you've completed all the necessary fields, click the "Add This Award/Recognition" button. This will add the award return you to the awards/recognitions list.