Argenta allows you to track and keep a record of all the awards and recognitions your organization gives out.
To track your awards and recognitions, select Constituents  > Awards and Recognitions - from the main menu on the left side of the screen:
This will take you to the Awards and Recognitions for Constituents list. These are the awards or recognitions your organization has given out.  Click the "Add New" button:
 This will open the Add A New Award/Recognition window:
From this window you need to fill out these fields:
  1. Category - Use the drop-down menu to select a category for your new Award/Recognition. If the category you'd like to use isn't listed you can use the Add New  button to add a category of your choosing. If you don't have a category for your Award/Recognition then leave the default of Unknown/Other or NA here. 
  2. Award/Recognition Title - You need to type a name for your new Award/Recognition. This is a required field. 
  3. Description - You can enter a description for your new Award/Recognition here. This allows you to type in whatever information you need to know about this award.
Once you've completed all the necessary fields, click the "Add This Award/Recognition" button. This will add the award and return you to your awards/recognitions list.