Add A Mission Trip Type

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Mission trip types are created and maintained in the "Mission Trip Types" section. Mission Trip Types are different than other classification codes in that they are also used to assign funds and fees to mission trips grouped by the trip type. To add a new Mission Trip Type, select Events and Programs > Mission Trip Types - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will take you to the "Mission Trip Types" screen. Next, click the "Add New" button above the Mission Trip Type list. 
This will take you to the Mission Trip Type Details screen.
The Mission Trip Type Details screen has two tabs, the Trip Type Details tab and the Trip Type Default Fees tab. The first tab, Trip Type Details is where you will start.
  • Status. Set the status as either Active or Inactive.

  • Mission Trip Type. This is where you'll enter a name for the type you're creating.

  • Associated Fund. Setting a fund here sets the default fund for all Mission Trips associated to this trip type. Select the default "No Associated Fund" to bypass this functionality.

  • GL Unearned Revenue. You can set the GL account to which your unearned revenue should be posted to.

  • GL Earned Revenue. You can set the GL account to which your earned revenue should be posted to.

  • This is where you should save all your changes before moving on to the next tab. Click the "Save All Changes & Continue" button to save your changes and then click the "Trip Type Default Fees" to add associated fees.

Mission trips have associated fees. If you have default fees for specific types of mission trips you can set them here at the trip type level and assign them at the mission trip level. To add a default fee, click the "Add A New Trip Type Default Fee" button.
 This will create an open row in the grid where you can type the details for your new fee.
  • Checking the Active check box makes the fee an active fee you can use at the mission trip level.
  • You must select a name for your fee type and enter it into the "Fee Type" field.  This is required.
  • You can set the fee amount by typing an amount into the "Fee Amount" field.  This is required.
  • To save the fee click the corresponding save icon.