Mission Trip Refunds are added, processed and applied by enrollment.  To add a Mission Trip Refund, select  Mission Projects & Trips > Mission Trip Enrollments - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
To add a refund, select the Mission Trip Account that you wish to refund by using the corresponding open icon . This will open the Enrollment Work Space. From here select the "Payment & Refunds" tab.
This will open the Mission Trip Enrollment Payments and Refunds screen. Scroll down and select the "Add A New Refund" button.
This will open the "Add Mission Trip Refunds" screen. 
The initial add screen requires you to:
  1. Contact Who Was Refunded. Use the "Lookup" button to select the person you're refunding the money to.

  2. Refund Date. Enter a refund date, either by using the date/time pickers or just fill the dates/times manually.

  3. Amount Refunded. Enter an amount to be refunded.

  4. Click the "Add Refund & Enter Details" button to add the refund and start entering the details of the refund.

This will redirect you to the full refund details screen where you can add any additional information about the refund.
This is where you will enter the additional details about the refund: 
This is where you should save your changes before moving on. Like all sections in Argenta, you can also add an unlimited number of related files and/or notes to this refund. Make sure you save your changes first before adding notes and/or related files.
For help adding a related file see KB Article - Add Related File.
For help adding a note see KB Article - Adding A Note to the Notes Section.