Add A 3rd Party Donation

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3rd Party Giving in Argenta can be used when a third party, (eg: A community giving foundation) gives a donation on behalf of another donor. An example of this would be as follows: The Smith Family Trust gives a $5000 donation on behalf of John Smith. For financial reporting purposes The Smith Family Trust should be the donor of record, but you still want to acknowledge John Smith as a generous contributor to your organization. Using 3rd Party Giving allows you to accomplish this easily.

To Add A 3rd Party Donation in Argenta

First, you must designate a donor as a 3rd Party Giver. You can do this when you add a donor or when you update a donor's record by selecting "Yes" in the "Is this donor a third-party giver?" selection.


Once the 3rd Party Donor has been added, you can add a 3rd Party Donation. From the main menu on the left side of the screen, select Donation Management > Fiscal Donations. Click the "Add New" button above the Donation List. This will redirect you to the first screen for adding a new donation.
  • Enter the date of the donation.
  • Lookup or add the donor. This is the actual donor, not the third party giver.
  • Click the "Add Donation & Enter Details" button.
  • Select Donation Code: "3rd Party Giving".
  • A new field will appear next to the Donation Code; "3rd Party Giving Platform:".
  • Choose the 3rd Party giver who is giving on behalf of the donor.
  • Continue entering all the donation details, as you would with any donation. For help with entering donations see our KB Article: Add Fiscal Donations
  • Click one of the "Save All Changes" buttons.

As a result, Argenta will create two donations. The first will list the third party giver as the donor and display the actual amount of the donation. The second donation will list the actual donor and display $0.00 as the donation amount.

Once the subsequent donation for the original donor is created, you aren't able to change the donation code, the 3rd party giver or the donation amount. If you have made an error, you'll need to update the donation designated to the 3rd party giver. To access that donation, click the "View Donation From: " link in the the 3rd Party Giving Platform field...


The donation amount for the original donor will always be $0.00