Argenta keeps track of all your systems activity. These logs are important to your organization for viewing your sign in logs, your activity logs and your public form logs. To access the activity logs, select from any screen in the top right-hand side Activity Logs.
This will open up the Team/Subscription Activity Logs screen.  Here you will see three tabs:  Sign In Log, Activity Log, and Public Forms Log.
Lets explore each of these tabs:
Sign In Log
The sign in log shows every login to the system with the login date and time.  
This is a nice log that shows you who is accessing the system and when.
Activity Log
The activity logs shows all the activity that was done in they system, by who, and on what date.
This is a great way to track the changes to your system. If something has changed and you are unsure of who and when it changed this can tell you. This tracks and logs the users activity and what pages/screens they have changed. This will tell you the page/screen that they were on and what activity(change) they did along with a date and time by user.
Public Forms Log
The public forms log shows all the public forms (ie. Donations, Events Forms) and the activity that was done by user, date and time.
This tracks the user who used the form, the date and time, and the form that was used to updated their information.  
Items contained in the Activity Log will remain for 33 days. After 33 days the items are moved to Archive.  
Items can be filtered by User ID or date range.