How To Efficiently Manage Your Nonprofit With Argenta Event Management Software in

Argenta Nonprofit Software offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising and event features. Many nonprofit & political organizations routinely plan events to further fundraising goals or as part of the functioning of their organization. Whether planning an event at a large convention center or an online webinar, Argenta nonprofit software includes a suite of tools designed to make your organization’s event management effortless.

Plan Events

Organize your events with Argenta’s event management platform to save time and money. Use the integrated project management system to organize every event. Form event committees to oversee the planning, then assign roles and participation slots. Set the venue and agenda, manage budgets and financials, plan meal choices and guest seating, make checklists and track event sponsorships, manage details down to the list of vehicles; all in one workspace. Even attach important files and notes needed during the planning process. When your event is finished, you can have peace of mind knowing every associated guest, staff member, volunteer, campaign, donation, ticket sale, project, task and expense is fully integrated with the entire system.

Customize Events

Create free or paid events with custom public ticket sales and sign-up forms with Stripe processing integration for simple guest registration. Personalize forms with custom images and descriptions. Keep and track guest attendance and guest groups. Print name tags on-the-fly. Organize your staff and volunteers for upcoming events to assist with administrative tasks with event participation slots. With Argenta’s event management solution you can schedule volunteers and staff yourself or allow volunteers to browse and sign up for participation slots online to make the experience more convenient. Registered volunteers and guests will receive personalized registration confirmation emails and reminders.

Event Database

The Argenta platform organizes events, event budgets & financials, committees, participation slots, event guests and attendance, projects, and more for easy access with an integrated, comprehensive event database. With Argenta’s generous record limits you will never be without these important records at your fingertips. Build extensive lists of past and present events and then search for results with simple filters. No need for training to perform complicated queries like some of our competitors’ software platforms. With Argenta nonprofit software, all queries are designed to be simple and user friendly. With optional module or record level permissions built in, Argenta integrates privacy protection with the flexibility to work with any organization’s needs.

Event Module Integration

Argenta is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for nonprofits with Event Management built in. Also included (and fully integrated) are CRM, HR Management, Fund Accounting, Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Email Marketing, Project Management, Product & Inventory Management and Campaign Management for one low price. Whether in the office or on-the-go, our cloud software is responsive and accessible from your desktop computer, tablet, or phone. Sign up for a free trial or demo today.