Using Your Public Volunteer Task Calendar

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If you want to let your volunteers know what tasks you have open so they can sign up to help, then you can use Argenta's Volunteer Task Calendar. Every Argenta subscription comes with a public volunteer task calendar for you to use, and it's very simple to get it set up. Each calendar is designed to look like your brand. Here's a sample...
In the Argenta Volunteer Management Module you can add and/or update volunteer tasks and decide whether to make them public. From the main menu on the right of the screen select Volunteer Management > Volunteer Tasks. For information on how to update Volunteer Tasks read our KB Article on Adding Volunteer Tasks.
The task title, start date and time will display on the calendar. The task must be marked as public to show up on the task calendar. You can see these details in the volunteer task list...
and in the volunteer task details...
If a task is not part of a volunteer task group, whatever location you enter in the task detail screen will show up on the public task calendar.
If the task is part of a task group, and the group has a designated location, then the group's location will be the one to display. Grouping tasks together allows you to set up a page with a descriptive header for a series of tasks, and display them all together with the same location and contact information. For more information on volunteer task groups see our KB article "Working with Volunteer Task Groups".
When the user clicks the "Sign Up" button, they're directed to a short form with all the details of the task displayed so they can review them. Here they provide their First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number. If the user is in Argenta as a volunteer, they are assigned to the task and the task is no longer visible on the calendar, it's been assigned. If the user is not in Argenta, a new constituent record is created for them and they are designated as a volunteer. The task is then assigned to them and the process is complete.

After a user signs up for a volunteer task they are sent an email with all the task details, confirming they have signed up to complete the task. Then, 24 hours before their assigned task they will be sent another reminder email, with all the task details, letting them know they'll be expected to complete the task. The emails both provide contact information in case the volunteer needs to cancel their assignment.