Deposits in Argenta can be used when there are multiple items that are combined to make one bank deposit (eg:  You have five - $100 donation checks that you are combining to make one bank deposit of $500.  Additionally you can also add expenses to the deposit as well.  You would do this when you collect money online and there is a related expense to the deposit).  To use deposits you first start with the Fiscal Donation.  If you need help using Fiscal Donations please use KB Article - Add Fiscal Donations.  When entering your Fiscal Donations choose "*Undeposited Funds" in the Deposit/Bank Account drop down menu.
This will send the Fiscal Donation to the Undeposited section instead of directly into the Account in the General Financials.  You can use this for all your Fiscal Donations that are combined to make your actual bank deposits.  Once you have entered all your donations and chosen Undeposited Funds for these transactions you will proceed to the Deposit section or if there is an offsetting expense with the donation go to expenses.  When there is an offsetting expense, you choose the expense "Deposit/Bank Account Used" to "*Undeposited Funds" as well.
This will send the Expense to the Undeposited section instead of directly to the Account in your General Financials.  Once you have all your Fiscal Donations and Expenses entered that will be combined to make up a deposit you will proceed to the Deposit.
From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose General Financials > Deposits.
Click the "Add New" button.  This will pop up the Deposit Details window.  
From here you will add the details of the Deposit.  Fields to fill out:
  • Associated Constituent (Optional)
  • Related Merchant Fees Expense, if any.
  • The Fund this deposit relates to.
  • The Deposit/Bank Account this deposit is going into.
  • The Deposit date and Deposit Amount for the transaction.
  • All other details relevant to this transaction.
Once all your details are filled in you will use the center section to add the individual items to this Deposit.  Select "Add Undeposited Fund Items" to select your entries and add them to this Deposit.  A screen will open that shows all undeposited items that are available to be added to this Deposit.  Select the items you need to add to complete this deposit.
Or when you have an expense and a donation that go together, your items will look like this once selected:
To complete this action and save the items to the Deposit, click "Add Selected Items To This Deposit".  
You can add any related files like images of the checks or any notes to this deposit. For help adding a related file please see KB article - Add Related Files.  For help adding a note please see KB Article - Add A Note To The Notes Section.
Once you have everything added chose any of the Save and Exit choices.