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Report, Summary Donation Letters

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The Argenta Report Center includes a Donation Summary Thank You Letter which is generated automatically from the fiscal donation management system. There is one letter for each donor who has given a fiscal donation within the specified date range.

  • The letter contains donation summary information for tax purposes.
  • Formatting and printing the letter will create a batch file where one donation summary letter is printed for each donor.
  • The list of recipients can be filtered by donor, date range and donation code.




Format The Letter

  • If you are using this letter as a year end donation summary letter, you should select "This Is My Year End Report". This will create a header for the report, "[2017] Charitable Donations". If you don't select this, the header will display a date range instead.
  • If you are not planning to print the letter on your own letterhead, you can create letterhead as part of the print out. Select "Include Organization Logo in Header".
    •  In order for the logo to be printed, you must have a logo file uploaded to your Subscription Manager, ("Subscription" in the upper right corner.)
  • If you would like to include a short tagline with your logo, type it in the "Tagline" field.
  • Letter Body: Type the body of your thank you letter. You can include anything you want in the body, up to 875 characters.
  • Signature Closing Line. The default is Sincerely, but you can type any closing.
  • From Name. The default is the main subscriber, but you can type the name of the person sending the letter as a closing.
  • Staff Position. Your title, as part of the closing signature block.
  • Select "Include Contact Info In Footer" if you are not printing on your own letterhead, and would like to include your organization's address in the footer.
  • Click "Print Summary Thank You Letter" to complete the formatting.
  • A confirmation window will come up. Click OK to create the batch file for printing.
  • Argenta will download an HTML batch file to your machine titled "DonationSummaryThankYouLetter.html". Open that file.
  • It will not be properly formatted, but it's just a batch file. Choose to print the document in your browser.
  • The letters will display in the print preview, formatted and ready to print the batch.



Sample Donation Summary Thank You Letter