Report Summary Donation Thank You Letters

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The Argenta Report Center includes a Donation Summary Thank You Letter which is generated automatically from the fiscal donation management system. The report generates one letter for each donor who has given a fiscal donation within the specified date range.


·         The letter contains donation summary information for tax purposes.

·         Formatting and printing the letter will create a batch file where one donation summary letter is printed for each donor.


To send thank you letters to your donors with a summary of the donations they have made you can use the “Summary Donation Thank You Letters” report in Argenta.


Reports in Argenta can be saved to favorites. Do add this report to your favorite reports, click the corresponding orange heart, on the right side of the screen. Once a report has been added to favorites, it can be accessed through the “My Favorite Reports” button at the top right of every report menu page or from your dashboard. Alternately, you can find any report by using the “Search” feature above any report list.


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Argenta Report Center. Click on “Donation Reports.” Choose “Summary Donation Thank You Letters.”


The report can be filtered a few different ways. You can select a specific donor and create a donation letter just for them. To do this, choose the desired donor by clicking the “Lookup” button next to the Donor ID field. In the popup window you can find and select the donor by searching for the donor by name or choosing the donor from the list.

If you want to run thank you letters for several donors at once, just leave the Donor ID field empty and move on to the next criteria, date range. The default date range is January 1 through December 31 of the previous calendar year, but you can choose any date range you’d like.


You may also choose to filter the report by specific Donation Codes. Choose as many donation codes as you would like.


When you have finished setting the filter criteria, click the “Run The Report” button. All donors matching your criteria will appear in the grid.


To create and print letters for the donor(s), select the donor(s) from the list by putting a check in the corresponding row or click the check box in the list’s header to select all the donors in the list.


After you’ve selected the donor recipient(s), click the “Format Letter for Printing” button above the grid. A window will appear.


If this is a year-end report, you can indicate that by placing a check in the corresponding check box. This will include “Year End Report” indicators in the print out.


If you want to include your logo in the printing of the letter, place a check in the corresponding check box. If you have uploaded your logo to your subscription, it will appear in the letter when it’s printed. If you haven’t, you’ll need to upload it by choosing to “Subscription” in the top right menu.


If you’d like to add a tagline to the letter, enter it in the Tagline field. This field is not required.


Next, fill in the Letter Body. This field allows a maximum length of 875 characters, for printing purposes.


Add a Signature Closing Line. The default is “Sincerely”.


Add a From Name and a Staff Position for the signature. The default is the current user’s name.


If you want to include contact information in your footer, indicate that by checking the corresponding check box. Checking this will allow you to enter your fax number and website address if you’d like. A footer will be added with the information from your subscription.


When you’re finished, click the “Print Summary Thank You Letter” button. An HTML document that can be printed is created with summary letters for the selected donor(s).


A sample thank you letter…