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Mailchimp Integration

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Your Mailchimp account lists and subscribers can be integrated into Argenta.
From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen choose Argenta Mail Room.
Click the "My Email Lists" tab at the top.
Click the "Integrate Mailchimp Account" button.
In the popup window type in your Mailchimp API Key. If you need help getting a key, click the "How to get a Mailchimp API Key" link. This key should end with "-us" and then a number. This is Mailchimp's server for your account. Without this information, Mailchimp won't be return your account information to the Argenta system.
Integrating all list and subscriber information from your Mailchimp account can take some time. You will receive an email when the process is finished.
After integration, the "Integrate Mailchimp Account" button will disappear and a new tab will appear in the Mail Room - "My Mailchimp Lists".
We recommend that all future constituent Subscribe/Unsubscribe, list creation and deletion be done within Argenta. This will ensure Argenta has the most current Mailchimp information.
Synchronizing Mailchimp Lists With Argenta
If you have created or deleted a list on Mailchimp's site after the Argenta Integration, you can synchronize them. Go to the "My Mailchimp Lists" tab and click the "Sync Mailchimp Lists" button at the top of the screen. The grid should quickly represent the accurate Mailchimp lists in your Mailchimp account. This won't update changes to the subscriber information, only the lists that exist in your Mailchimp account.
Synchronizing Mailchimp Subscribers With Argenta
If you have updated subscriber information in any lists on Mailchimp's site after the Argenta integration, you can also synchronize them. Go to the "My Mailchimp Lists" tab and click the round orange arrow button in the grid next to the list you want to synchronize. This may take some time. When the process is finished, you will receive an email.