Getting Mailchimp API Information

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Sign into your Mailchimp account.
Click on your account name in the upper right corner of the browser.
Choose "Account".
Click "Extras" from the Account menu and choose "Api Keys".
If you don't yet have an API key or you want to generate a separate one for Argenta, click "Create A Key" and follow the steps.
Once you have an API key, you will need to highlight and copy it from the textbox. It needs to be the full API key with server information. The visible key is sometimes missing the server information. However, when the key is copied, the needed information is also copied. All Mailchimp API keys used in Argenta will end in a  "-us" and then one or more digits.
Example: 161bz2dedf1a9c54ec2f0ebfkb9ca94d-us12
This key will be stored in our database as an encrypted string for security reasons. Anyone who gets it can access your Mailchimp account. If you ever have a security concern, you may disable this key in your Mailchimp account. A new key can always be created.
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