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Filter The Chart of Accounts

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To filter the Chart of Accounts, click the “Filter List” button. The Filter Panel will open...


Choose criteria to filter the list. Use as many of the criteria items as needed. Choose one or many criteria depending on how you would like to narrow your results. The Chart of Accounts can be filtered specifically by open/closed status and/or the account type.


After selecting the desired criteria, click the “Filter Accounts” button and the list will display only the accounts that meet the selected criteria.


The Chart of Accounts can be filtered for a few different reasons. One is to narrow down the list by criteria to find specific records. Another is to give you a count of accounts, based on your selected criteria.


As an example, if you wanted to know how many accounts are open, you could select “Open” from the “Account Status” drop down list. Click the “Filter Accounts” button. You will see the "Total Records” label above the list gives you a count of all accounts classified as open. The list has also changed, and displays only open accounts.


Filters are persistent, meaning even after you go in to view and/or edit a record and come back to the main list, the filter you applied will still be active. You can reset the list by clicking the “Cancel Filter” button.