Filter Mission Trip Refunds

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The mission trip refunds list can be filtered for a few different reasons. One is to narrow down the list by criteria to find specific records. Another is to give you a count and dollar value of refunds, based on your selected criteria. 

As an example, if you wanted to know how many refunds you have for a specific mission trip account, you could filter the list by Mission Trip Account and choose the account you wish to filter. Click the "Filter List" button. You will see the total records label above the list has changed and gives you a total count and dollar amount of all refunds for the account. The list has also changed and displays only the refunds for the account selected.

To get started, select Programs > Mission Trip Refunds - from the main menu on the left hand side of the screen.


This will open your mission trip refunds list. To filter the list, click the "Filter List" button.



The Filter List panel will open above the mission trip refunds list...


Choose criteria to filter the list. Use as many of the filters as you need, you can choose one or many items depending on how you would like to narrow your results. Mission Trip Refunds can be filtered by:

  • Mission Trip Account
  • Contact Who Received Refund
  • Mission Trip ID
  • Department
  • Refund Status
  • Refund Category
  • Fund
  • Deposit/Bank Account
  • Account (Chart of Accounts)
  • Refunds Within A Date Range
  • Refunds Within An Amount Range

Click the "Filter List" button and the list will display only the refunds that meet the selected criteria.

Filters are persistent, meaning even after viewing and or editing a record, the filter you are using will still be in place when you come back to the main list. You can reset the list by clicking the "Cancel Filter" button.

You can also save your filters, to use again at a later time. After you filter the list open the filters menu by clicking the  icon in the filter box. When the filter menu opens choose "Save Filter" This will bring up the "Add A New Filter" window. Enter a name for the filter and click the "Add This Filter" button. The window will close, and your filter will be saved. To load a filter at a later time, open the filters menu again but this time choose "Load Filter". A list of saved filters will be displayed. Click the filter you want to load. The filter will be applied and your list will display according to the filter criteria. To delete a filter, open the filters menu again but this time choose "Delete Filter". A list of saved filters will be displayed. Click the filter you want to delete. The filter will be deleted, the filter box will close and the list will be reset back to its original state.