Your event guests on the guest list for all events can be filtered by affiliation. The reason is to narrow down your guest by their affiliation with your organization and get a count on the records.

As an example, if you wanted to know how many guests are on a guest list that are classified as donorsyou could select "Donor" from the Affiliations drop-down list. Click the "Filter List" button. You will see the total records label above the list has changed and gives you a total count of all guests that are classified as Donors. The list has also changed, and displays only the donors.

To get started, select Events and Programs > Event Guests on the Guest List for All Events - from the main menu on the left hand side.

To filter Event Guests for All Events, click the "Filter List" button.
The filter panel will open...
Event Guests on the Guest List for All Events can be filtered by the constituent group, or affiliation. Select the Affiliation from the drop-down menu and the click the "Filter List" button. The list will be displayed for the affiliation type you selected.