Community Clubs and Groups can be filtered for a few different reasons. One is to narrow down the list by a specific category for a club/group. Another is to give you a count of all club/groups based on your selected category.
As an example, if you wanted to know how many clubs/groups you have for the category of family clubs, you would select "Family Club" from the Filter Clubs/Groups Category drop-down menu. Click the "Filter List" button. You will see the total records label above the list gives you a count of all Family Clubs. The list has also changed and displays only the family clubs you requested.
To get started, select Constituents (CRM) > Community Clubs and Groups - from the main menu on the left hand side.
To filter the community clubs and groups, choose a category to filter your clubs and groups by selecting one from the "Filter Clubs/Groups by Category" drop-down menu.
Once a category has been selected, click the "Filter List" button and the list will display only the clubs/groups that meet the category you selected.