Add Time Sheets

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In Argenta Time Sheets are your time-clock or employee hours worked.  This is where your employees will punch the proverbial time clock.  To use the Argenta Time Sheets simply use the main menu of the left-hand side and select Staff and HR > Time Sheets.
This will open the My Time Sheets screen.  This will list all your time sheets.  You can filter this list or export this list if you want to.  From here you will click the "Add New" button.
This will open the Time Sheet Details screen.
From here you will select your pay period start and end dates.  You can manually enter the dates or use the date selector.  Then choose the staff member this time sheet is for.  Then click the "Add & Enter Tasks" button to add the time sheet and enter the tasks for this pay period.
This will open the view/update time sheet screen.
From here you need to add a Task to the time sheet.  To add a task click the "Add New Task" button.  This will open the Add Tasks To A Timesheet screen.
This is where you will enter the details about your task.  Lets explore these fields:
  • Task ID.  Select the "Lookup" button to search for and select the task that is associated with your work.  This is a required field.
  • Department/Chapter.  Select the department/chapter that you work within.
  • Related Project.  If you did work on a project select the project here by using the "Lookup" button.
  • Related Grant.  If you did work on a specific grant select the grant here by using the "Lookup" button.
  • Describe The Task Work You Did Or Make Any Relevant Notes.  You can describe the work you did in detail here or any notes you want to add to your time sheet.
Once these fields have been filled in click the "Add This Task" button to add the task and log your hours.
This will add a Tasks & Hours section to your time sheet.
This is where you will enter your hours for each day as they relate to this task.  If you have multiple tasks then you can add each task as it related by selecting the "Add New Task" button and repeating the above directions.
Fill in the number of hours worked for each day to the appropriate tasks.  When you are done filling in your hours select the save icon  to save and update your hours.
You can "Save All Task Changes" to save everything and then click "Done For Now" to be returned to your complete listing of time sheets.  
Once it is time to submit your time sheet you will select the "Submit for Approval" button to submit the time sheet.