Add Time Sheet Tasks

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The Time Sheet Tasks page is a list of tasks that can be completed by an employee and logged on their time sheet.


From the Argenta main menu on the left-hand side of the screen, choose Staff & HR > Time Sheet Tasks List.


Click the “Add New” button.This will pop up the Add Time Sheet Tasks window.



Enter the title of the time sheet task in the Time Sheet Task field. This is what the employee will search for when entering tasks on their time sheet. This is a required field.


You may also enter a description of the task in the Time Sheet Task Description box. The field can contain as much text as needed. This is not a required field, but considered helpful to employees when filling out their time sheet.


After reviewing the information entered, click the “Add this Time Sheet Task” button to finish. The window will close and you will find your new task in the Time Sheet Task List.