Add Lead Status Codes

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Lead Status Codes are used to identify what this potential leads status is with your organization.  You can create these categories based on your organization needs to classify and categorize your leads.  You can add Lead Status Codes in two ways.  The first is by using Classification Codes.  For classification code help please refer to KB Article - Classification Codes, Working with Lead Status Codes.  The second way is by creating them within the Sales and Marketing module.  To add a new Lead Status Code use the Argenta main menu on the left hand side and select Sales and Marketing > Lead Status Codes.
This will open the Lead Status Code screen.  From here select "Add New."
This will open the Add A New Lead Status Code window.  From here you will enter a name for your new code in the Lead Status Code box.  Then click the "Add This Classification Code" button to add the code and be returned to your complete Lead Status Code listing.