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Argenta allows you to track all your business expenses in one place and designate them to the appropriate account in your Chart of Accounts. Expenses can be your phone bill, office supplies, or any other costs incurred as part of running your organization.  From the Main Argenta Menu on the left side of the screen choose General Financials > Expenses. 
This screen will display a list of all your Business Expenses.  To add a new business expense, click the "Add New" button above the list.
This brings up the, "Add A New Business Expense" window.  
Here you'll enter the expense details.

  • The top orange "Add This Expense To General Financials," is how you add the expense to the appropriate account and register.  Check mark the box and fill in the Fund, Deposit/Checking Account and Account to add this to your register.

  • Date of Purchase, required.

  • Is the Expense Approved, not required.

  • Expense category, not required.  If you need an expense category that's not listed you can add a new one from this screen.

  • Expense Description, not required.

  • Constituent Payee, required.  Constituent Payee must be in the system in order to put the expense in.  A Constituent Payee is any constituent within the system.  If the constituent payee is not in the system you can select "Add New" from this screen.   Then follow the details outline in KB Article - Add Constituents.
  • Constituent Payer, not required.  the constituent payer is the team member that made the payment for the expense.
  • Total Cost of All Items, required.

  • Other fields, as needed for detail of the expense, campaign, event or project.
When you've finished adding all the necessary items to the expense, click the "Add This Expense" button at the bottom of the screen. This will add the expense to both the Business Expense List, and to the appropriate accounts in your Chart of Accounts.