In Argenta, you can keep track of all your constituent engagements. Constituent engagements are the activities or events that your constituents participate in or receive from your organization. All engagements for your constituents, whether they be volunteer, donor, etc., are tracked in one place within Argenta.
The Constituents (No Specific Relationship) type is used for several reasons. The first, is when you don't know what the constituents type is. The second, is when you have multiple record types that you are wanting to add an engagement to (Example, when you run an event promotion and blast it to all your donors, board member, staff, vendors, etc. and need to create an engagement for all these types in one engagement. (More on this in Bulk Mail Room Engagements - Add Bulk Mail Room Engagements.) And lastly, if your constituent has no type, then you use this option as well.
To add a constituent engagement, select Sales & Marketing > Engagement - from the left-hand side of the Argenta dashboard:
This opens the complete listing of all your organizations engagements. From here you will click the "Add New" button:
This opens the Add An Engagement screen:
From here you need to fill out these details about your engagement:
  1. Engagement Date - You will enter an engagement date either by using the date selector or by manually entering a date. This is a required field.  
  2. Engaged With (Team Member) - You can select the team member who did the engagement by selecting Lookup  icon, searching for and selecting the team member.  This will default to the team member that is signed in. You can clear the field by clicking the Clear Lookup  icon.
  3. Engagement Type - Choose your engagement type from the drop-down list. If an appropriate engagement type is not listed, you can add a new one by selecting the Add New  icon. 
  4. Record Type - Select a record type from the drop-down list.  A record type is a constituent type that you engaged with. This will be "Constituents (No Specific Relationship)"  because you don't know the type, have multiple types, or the record does not have a type associated with it.
  5. (Select A Record Type First) Constituent ID - This shows as Select A Record Type First but will change to the constituent ID number once a constituent type is selected.  Click the Lookup  icon to search for and select the constituent you are creating the engagement for. This is a required field.
Once all your engagement details have been entered, you will click the "Add This Engagement" button. This will add your engagement and return you to the full list of your organization's constituent engagements.