Add Bank Dividends to the General Journal

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Argenta uses double entry, nonprofit accounting. When adding a bank transaction to the General Journal, you will need to add two transactions. To add these transactions select General Financials > General Journal from the Argenta main menu on the left of the screen.
Click the "Add A Single Entry Transaction" button above the Journal.
This will take you to the "Add A Single Entry Transaction" screen. Since bank dividends are income, you'll need to add the dividends to your asset (bank) account first. To do this, in accounting, you add a debit transaction and select your bank account as the Account. To select a bank account choose "Asset" as the Account Type. Choose whatever Account Detail Type corresponds to your bank account. Then choose your bank account from the "Account" drop down list. Fill in the rest of the transaction details like the amount, the fund (if you use fund accounting), etc. Click the "Add Transaction" button at the bottom to complete the transaction.
Next you'll enter another single entry transaction by clicking the "Add A Single Entry Transaction" button above the Journal. This transaction will credit the account, from your chart of accounts, where you record bank dividends.
The credit transaction for recording bank dividends typically looks like the transaction above. You can credit whichever account you choose from your own Chart of Accounts. Once you have entered both the debit and credit transaction you have completed recording your bank dividends in the General Journal.