Engagement is the interaction between you and your constituents. Sending an email to a customer, or receiving a social media mention from a volunteer, are examples of engagements. You can add and track engagements everywhere in Argenta.
To add an engagement for a Mission Trip Account, select Programs > Account Engagement - from the main menu on the left side of the screen.
This will bring up the Mission Trip Account Engagement screen. From here, click the "Add New" button:
This will open the "Add An Engagement" screen:
Steps to add an engagement:
  1. Engagement Date - Enter the date the interaction occurred. You can either use the date/time picker or just fill the date/time in manually. This field is required.

  2. Engaged With (Team Member) - If someone on your team was a part of the engagement, select that team member here.  To select a team member click the Lookup  button to search for and select them. 

  3. Engagement Type - Select an engagement type from the drop-down menu. This field is required and very important, because it's the interaction that was made.

  4. Engagement Description - You can add a description for your engagement here. This can be further details about the engagement or whatever you wish to add about the engagement.

  5. Record Type - The Record Type is the type of constituent you've interacted with. The record type also determines how the engagement will be stored and displayed in Argenta. In this case the Record Type is "Mission Trip Account". Keep in mind all engagements, whether it's as a mission trip account, a donor, a volunteer, a member etc. -  will always be displayed on the constituent card of the person, household or organization you're interacting with. Choose a type from the drop-down menu. This field is required and must be selected before moving on to the next field.

  6. Constituent ID - Once you select a record type, the last field is the "ID" field. This is where you select the Mission Trip Account you're creating an engagement for. When you select a record type of Mission Trip Accounts (from above), the "ID" field will change to Mission Trip Account ID.  Then, you will use the Lookup  button to search for and select the constituent account you had the interaction with.
Once all of the fields have been filled out, you will click the "Add This Engagement" button, to add the engagement and be returned to the Mission Trip Account Engagement screen.  Your new engagement will be listed.