Argenta allows you to build a budget within the system. Budgets are an estimation of your revenues and expenses to help you determine a financial plan for a defined period of time. Some organizations build budgets annually to show them an overview of the revenues and expenses they plan on each year.
To build a budget in Argenta, simply select General Financials > Budgets from the left-hand side main menu.
This will open the complete listing of all your created budgets. From here, select the "Add New" button from the top right hand side.
This will open the Add A New Budget screen.
 From here there are some important fields that should be considered. Here is a breakdown of each field:
Once all fields have been filled out, click the "Add This Budget" button to add the budget. This will close the screen and return you to the full listing of your Budgets. You are not done yet, from here locate the budget you just created and click the open icon  .
This will open the Budget Details screen:
This will show al the information you entered at the creation of the budget process.
Next, you will see the Budget Items: