Yavapai County Republican Party
Trunk 'N' Tusk
Trunk 'N' Tusk is the primary fundraising arm for the Yavapai County Republican Committee. It accepts donations to support county operations and sponsors fundraising activities. Additionally, Trunk 'N' Tusk funds and other resources (donated items) are utilized to educate our citizens about the Constitutionally based core values, beliefs, and principles of the Republican Party.
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Donations to the YAVGOP will be deposited in either a federal account or a non-Federal (state) account unless you specifically identify which of these accounts is your preference. You represent that you have not, with this donation, exceeded the annual calendar-year limit of federal contributions (currently $10,000 per individual) to the state and local Republican Party . No corporate contributions to the YAVGOP federal account are permitted; however, corporate donations are permitted to the YAVGOP state corporate account and can be used as permitted by Arizona law.