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Alum Creek Welcome Center and Restrooms
Alum Creek Lake is in need of a new restroom, that is accessible to all individuals.  The current restroom is not accessible to individuals with disabilities, it can't be operated in the winter, there aren't enough facilities for busy days, and it encourages people to cross the busy park road to access restrooms.   
The new restroom will be accessible and designed for use in all seasons, and the preferred location for this restroom is on the same side as the picnic shelters in the Below Dam Recreation Area to reduce the need for people (especially children) to cross the road. 
SACCA and USACE would like to provide a welcome center area, where visitors can ask questions, borrow recreation equipment, and purchase items needed for a visit such as charcoal and ice.  The US Army Corps of Engineers has requested $225,000 for this project from the US Congress.  That amount will cover an accessible restroom facility that can be open year round, but not a Welcome Center. 
SACCA will be applying for grants and looking for sponsors to improve this project. If you have questions, then please contact SACCA.
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