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Alum Creek Lake Recreation for ALL!
Help us make Alum Creek Lake accessible and inclusive for all individuals!
The facilities at Alum Creek Lake were designed and built well before the Americans with Disabilities Act, but that doesn't mean that we can't do better.  The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff has been dreaming of updating their facilities to improve access for individuals with disabilities, but they want to do more than that -  they want to make sure that everyone can be included!  They want all visitors have a quality experience together when they visit the park.
There is a lot of work to be done, but we have a plan! 
Winter of 2021-22
-US Army Corps staff are renovating the restrooms at the visitor center and the below dam recreation area so that they are accessible, thanks to support from SACCA and a grant from the Delaware County Board of Disabilities.
- Renovate and update the theater to allow access for individuals with mobility devices, and install a hearing loop to provide a quality audio experience for individuals with hearing devices.
- Renovate and update Visitor Center Exhibits to provide quality, hands-on learning experiences for everyone
- Develop and implement audio tours to provide alternative formats for the visitor center exhibits
- Add braille labels where possible/beneficial.
- Become Sensory Inclusive certified
Spring 2022 and beyond
- Update picnic facilities to improve access for everyone, including new grills/tables and concrete pads/paths!
- Add concrete/paved walkways to playgrounds to make them more accessible
- Add inclusive play elements to the playground
In summer of 2021, USACE staff worked with the Center for Disability Empowerment and the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities to identify issues, develop solutions, and prioritize the work.  There is a lot of work to be done, but we have a plan!  Since most of the funding at Alum Creek Lake is for the operation and maintenance of the dam, it doesn't leave much funding for accessibility/inclusivity improvements.  USACE and SACCA have been working together to apply for grants.  In October 2021, SACCA/USACE were awarded a $3,000 grant to assist with restroom renovations at the visitor center and the below dam area.  The total cost of the restroom renovations, including employee labor, is well over $50,000.  
 If you believe that we should make the public facilities accessible and inclusive for all, then join us!
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