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West Dam Parking Lot Improvements

Alum Creek Lake West Dam Parking Lot Improvements

Restrooms, Hydration, Lighting and More Parking


Many visitors enjoy running, walking, and biking on the Dam Maintenance Road and the West Dam Parking Lot at Alum Creek Lake is the only accessible wat to reach the top of the dam.  Currently there is only 1 Handicap Parking Space, and it requires individuals to cross the entrance to access the top of the dam and there are only 22 parking spaces.  On many occasions this parking lot has overflowed into the surrounding grass which leads to safety concerns and damage to park features.  

Members of the public have expressed a desire to see more parking and restroom facilities, along with a desire for the pavement to extend the length of the dam.  Even though the top of the dam is a maintenance road, Army Corps of Engineers staff and the public have shared the facility all these years.  Paving the rest of the dam maintenance road would fit within the Delaware County Trail System Master Plan.  The Army Corps of Engineers hired Korda Engineering to determine the feasibility of expanding the parking lot, adding a restroom, and associated utilities.  
The initial rough estimate for the parking and restroom facilities is $300,000 and the estimate for paving the dam is $1.5 million.  Funding for projects at Alum Creek Dam comes from the US Congress and most funding is focused on operating and maintaining the dam.  As the dam and parks approach their 50th anniversary, the facilities are requiring more repairs, which strains the limited budget further.  SACCA was founded by members of the community to help support the recreation and environmental areas at multiple US Army Corps of Engineers facilities in Central Ohio.  
 The first step we plan to accomplish is expanding parking and getting utilities to the area.  Increased parking will allow visitors to access this area safely.  Adding restrooms (accessible) for visitor comfort is part of our dream as well.  SACCA feels restrooms are really needed and has been providing a portable restroom until funds can be raised for these improvements.   Donate now to help support this project and many other improvements at Alum Creek Lake!


The West Above Dam Lot is located on a primary corridor near the intersection of dozens of proposed and existing trails.  The location is central to the Delaware County Trail System Master Plan. 

SACCA wants both grantors and U.S. Congress to pay attention to the safety problems.  Public support is the best indication.  We hope the community will contribute $15,000 or more as we pursue grant opportunities.  100% of funds donated will support Corps Alum Creek Dam park projects and programs.

SACCA operations are funded by the Thomas R. Gross Family Foundation

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