Pollution Threat to the Darby Creek and Delaware River Watershed

Wednesday, 05/26/2021 07:00 PMto  08:30 PM
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Contact's Name: Susan Miller
Contact's Email: director@dcva.org
Contact's Phone: (484) 222-2502
Pollution Threats to the Darby Creek and Delaware River Watershed
Join DCVA for a comprehensive look at stormwater management, how it affects you locally and on a larger scale.
Clean Air Council staff will discuss stormwater management, combined sewer overflows, and other local sources of water pollution with an eye toward local solutions at the municipal level. Clean Air Council's staff will also address nearby industrial sources of water pollution, including legacy industrial sites, and how individuals, community groups and local governments can work with the state to ensure that regulations overseeing industrial permitting protect public health and the environment.

"Clean Air Council is a public health non-profit working across the mid-Atlantic region to help residents improve and protect environmental conditions. Clean Air Council is particularly working to protect water quality in the Delaware River Watershed through improving a variety of state and municipal water quality standards as well as encouraging responsible individual action."
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