Young Naturalists Lunch & Learn: Webinar with Author Doug Wechsler

Wednesday, 09/09/2020 from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM
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Contact's Name: Aurora Dizel
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Young Naturalist Lunch & Learn with Author Doug Wechsler

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Please join us in welcoming author Doug Wechsler to share his award winning book The Hidden Life of a Toad. Doug will lead us through the wonders of metamorphosis and the life cycle of a toad through close-up photos and a lively text. How exactly does a tadpole with gills turn into a toad with lungs? Grab your lunch and learn with us!

Doug Wechsler takes his inspiration from the jungles, swamps and seashores of the world as well as from his own backyard. By showing the wonders of nature and its humorous side he hopes to motivate his readers to deepen their interest in their natural surroundings. Doug is a wildlife biologist, a nature photographer, and the author of more than twenty books for children. To learn more about Doug and check out his many other books, visit his website at
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