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United Against Slavery provides the largest collaborative research and data collection platform to address unresolved challenges affecting global anti-trafficking stakeholders and allows anyone to use their voice to impact lasting change in the fight against sex and labor trafficking and domestic servitude.

Survivor Testimonial


We will notify you once we confirm the survey launch date and once again when the National Outreach Survey is live on our website:

United AgainstSlavery.org

The National Outreach Survey is an online survey that provides custom survey questions to over 23 anti-trafficking stakeholder groups. We utilize skip-logic from almost 800 possible survey questions to determine which questions each survey respondent will be asked; thus, the NOS will be an online survey and not downloadable in PDF or paper-form. We may add a paper survey with standardized questions. The paper format would ask the same questions to all stakeholders who complete it and not utilize skip logic for customized questions.

At this time, there are survey questions for any adult around the globe that would like to participate. The NOS is not currently set up for minors to participate. We apologize for any inconvenience to minor survivors of human trafficking. We are reviewing if there are possible solutions to this challenge. If you have a question regarding this, please feel free to contact our team at feedback@unitedagainstslavery.org.

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