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We're super excited to bring your agency on board! Please carefully read and acknowledge the following policies For Goodness Cakes has about requesting and receiving cakes:

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For Goodness Cakes matches volunteers to bake and deliver birthday and academic graduation cakes to disadvantaged youth and young adults. For Goodness Cakes does not provide cakes for: adoptions, celebrations of transitions, baby showers, staff celebrations, etc. For Goodness Cakes volunteers only provide one (1) standard sized cake (a double layer 8" or 9" round, or a single layer 9x13" rectangle) or 12-14 regular sized cupcakes per order. Multiple orders are okay but we cannot accommodate a "1/2 sheet," "cupcakes for 50 people," or anything similar.

The requester will receive an email after the cake is supposed to be delivered to indicate if it has been received.For Goodness Cakes asks that you make sure the requester responds in a timely manner.

Volunteers bake the cakes in their own kitchens and are protected under the Good Samaritan Law of 1977, which stipulates that anyone who donates homemade food through a nonprofit will be held harmless in the event it makes the recipients sick, as long as it was not committed from gross negligence. For Goodness Cakes also holds general liability insurance. For Goodness Cakes mandates to all volunteers during food safety training that absolutely no homemade jam be used in their cakes, per Cottage Law guidelines. For Goodness Cakes mandates that every volunteer MUST attend the full orientation with a food safety training in order to become a volunteer. A Food Safety Guide is given to each volunteer after they have taken the orientation so they can continue to review. Reminders regarding updates from the CDC are also posted in communications.

For Goodness Cakes makes every effort to make sure that a cake is delivered, but once in a rare while a cake will go undelivered. For Goodness Cakes has strict policies with consequences for the following situations, which are also handled on a case-by-case basis:

  • Late delivery: one (1) month suspension.
  • Cake with issues (i.e., one layered round, not the flavor requested, looks unfinished): three (3) month suspension.
  • Forgotten cake: six (6) month suspension.
  • Hospitalization, Emergency, Sickness, Inclement Weather: no suspension

For Goodness Cakes asks for your understanding if this should happen, and will make every effort to provide the cake at a later date - be it the next day, or week after. You can set the new date.

For Goodness Cakes asks that you submit your requests at least 10 days before the delivery date. For Goodness Cakes will send out an email reminding primary and secondary listed contacts to submit their cake requests at the end of each month. For Goodness Cakes also asks that you introduce our program to your staff, otherwise volunteers will worry their cakes will not end up with its intended recipient.

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